🔴Navigating Foreign Language Teaching: What It Means to Be a 21st-Century Educator

Join us for an insightful lecture on the evolving landscape of foreign language teaching!

👨‍💼Speaker: Dr. Azamat Akbarov 
CEO, Silk Road Research Academy  

In today's globalized world, being a foreign language teacher means more than just imparting vocabulary and grammar. It requires a blend of cultural awareness, technological savvy, and innovative teaching methods. This lecture will explore:

🟢  Essential Qualities of Modern Language Educators: Understanding the skills and attributes needed to thrive in contemporary classrooms.
🟢  Technological Integration: Leveraging digital tools to enhance learning and engagement.
🟢  Cultural Competence: Preparing students for real-world communication and cultural interactions.
🟢  Innovative Practices: Practical strategies and case studies of successful language teaching methodologies.

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📆Date: June 6, 2024
⏰Time: 11.00-13.00
📍Location: University of Exact and Social Sciences, Tashkent, Uzbekistan (Google maps)
📞For more information, contact: +998 95 150 22 22

Prepare to redefine what it means to be a 21st-century educator!



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